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    1. khuram Post author

      Salam bhai, you need to contact your local MuraqbaHall to join Silsila Azeemia.

      Khurram Azeemi

  1. Fakhra Khan

    Chat Conversation Start
    Please Give the permission for Learning Telepathy…. Plz guide me how can I start it…. I m a very Disturbed personality and far away from my religion… I want to change myself and my habits and my way of Life according to Islam under ur supervision and guidance…….I m sending you my details…. Plz add my names and my family in ur Dua during Muraqaba Prayers….. I would be very thankful to you…

    “Fakhra Riaz
    Mother Name: Hajrah Begum
    Father Name: Muhammad Riaz Khan
    Age: 37+
    Date Of Birth: 28th July 1979
    Date Of Birth Place: Lahore City”


    Waiting for Replyyyy….
    Fakhra Khan

    1. khuram Post author

      Salam, did you asked muraqba hall officials for muraqba?
      Plz send email rather putting comments

  2. zarina naz

    Please give me Permission for Muraqaba. and do a Dua For Me, I am in very much need of it. I want Satisfaction from You that will Allah Forgive me? which Muraqaba is suitable for me? Please Guide me


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