Silsila Azeemia


Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, the chief editor of monthly Roohani Digest and Qalander Shahoor Monthy, is a Pakistani scholar of international repute in the field of Spiritualism. Spiritualism that used to be considered something mysterious and hard-to-learn has been presented by him in most modern and scientific way bringing it out of the dark shadows of myths and lore. His contribution in scientifisizing and institionalization of the most ancient body of knowledge according to the needs of the people of the modern era will be remembered for times to come.

Unique Approach

Most of the people know Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi because his unique way of writing. He has authored fifty five books besides more than thirty pamphlets and many articles covering almost every aspect of metaphysical sciences. His articles in spite of the uniqueness of their subject matter remain within comprehension of the common man. Presentation of a Devine body of knowledge that has reached him in disciple succession in most simple and understandable way is an incredible success and achievement of Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.

Roohani Daak

His column ‘ROOHANI DAAK’ has become a legend through which millions of people have been advised for their socio-economic, psychological and spiritual problems over the past forty years. Besides suggesting solutions for the problems of the people questions and quarries about the most complicated and enigmatic phenomena of nature are also replied comprehensively in the light of spiritual sciences. Every month about eleven thousand letters seeking his guidance are received and replied as a free service.

Literacy Contributions

In addition to these literary contributions to develop the mental faculties of the young generation he has established a chain of forty four Muraqbah Halls in the length and breadth of Pakistan, three in USA, one in Canada, thirteen in European countries and three in UAE besides few in India to teach spiritual sciences and to train and prepare that lot of people who could carry the torch of the Divine mission of spreading peace and harmony after enlightening their own souls. Muraqbah hall is a center operating under his direct supervision and guidance where the students of spiritual sciences are taught the art of meditation, spiritual healing and learn to serve others without any distinction of caste, color or creed.

Personal Attitude

Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, a mission oriented person, trained by his able teacher his divine grace Qalander Baba Auliya, is striving really very hard to spread this message that cognition of the soul is the only way to cognize our Lord God and cognition of the hidden potentialities of the soul are essential for peaceful living. For this purpose he has evolved that branch of knowledge which has been termed as parapsychology and deals with the laws of nature operative at the preternatural level.

Seminars, conferences, lectures and public meetings arranged on this subject, his appearance in 11 T.V. programes in U.S.A., participation in various programes of B.B.C. London, private channels of Radio in England and other European countries and U.A.E. have played a vital role in introducing this sublime branch of knowledge.
Through addressing people and affording a chance to them for direct counseling he is rendering such a service for his fellow beings which cannot be ignored by any chance. All these seemingly Herculean tasks have the only motive of enabling the man to be acquainted with his Lord Cherisher after equipping himself with insight and vision through that sacred knowledge which is the heritage of prophets. (Qalander Conscious)

By the Time, verily man is in great loss, except those who strive to act upon the teachings of Holy Prophet and the Quran.